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About the "Special Cash Payment" (特別定額給付金)

Special Cash Payment Application Preview

What is the "Special Cash Payment" and How Do I Apply?

In order to help combat the economic impact of COVID-19, a "Special Cash Payment" (特別定額給付金), in the fixed amount of 100,000 yen per person registered with the Basic Resident Registration System as of April 27, 2020, has been made available; and is currently being distributed by Hanamaki to each eligible household within the city that applies.

If you are eligible to receive this payment and wish to do so, you need to fill out the application, which is provided via postal service to all households within the city (as of posting this, you may have already received it in the mail). Alternatively, if you have a “My Number” card (the plastic version that you had to apply for, not the paper “notification card” that comes in the mail automatically), you can apply online at https://myna.go.jp/

Note that for those eligible and living in Hanamaki, our application period is from May 7 (2020) to August 6 (2020), so please make sure to apply within this three-month period. If you reside in a different city, note that your application period and process may be different.

For the paper application, how it works is that each registered "household" will receive one application (addressed to the head of household), with each eligible member of that household shown on a list on the first page. A total amount in yen is shown below the list, detailing how much money the household is eligible to receive. The head of household (or proxy if necessary) needs to fill in the appropriate information in order to submit the application (which is done by mail, in a provided return envelope).

For a step-by-step explanation of how to fill out this application, take a look at the above posted PDF example application, and starting with “A” in the top left corner of the first page, follow along with the directions posted below. Note that these examples/directions were translated using the Hanamaki City application, though other municipalities may be similar.

Step-by-step Guide to Filling Out the Application

Page 1

A. Application Date (the day you’re actually filling in the application)

  1. Month (in numerical format)
  2. Day

B. Name (Head of Household)

  1. Last name in Katakana
  2. First (and middle if applicable) name in Katakana
  3. Last name EXACTLY as it appears in Beneficiaries list below
  4. First (and middle if applicable) name EXACTLY as it appears in "Beneficiaries" list below
  5. Press your seal here (signature also accepted)

C. Date of Birth (Head of Household)

This example shows someone born on Jan 20, 63rd year of Showa (which would be 1988). If you don’t know which Japanese era/year you were born, use the Japanese era and year next to your name on the “Beneficiaries” chart below as reference, and look it up online if unsure. For reference, whatever number is to the immediate left of the character 年 is the year, and the Kanji for the era will be to the left of that number.
  1. Circle whichever era you were born (in order from left to right, they are: Meiji, Taisho, Showa, and Heisei)
  2. Year of that era you were born
  3. Month (in numerical format)
  4. Day

D. Current Address & Phone (Head of Household)

  1. Current address. If you’re unsure of the Japanese, use your residence card or other Japanese identification as reference.
  2. Daytime phone number (start from left side, do not include hyphens) 

E. Read and understand the following:

By applying for the Special Cash Payment, you agree to the following:

  • (1) Eligibility will be determined by confirming public records, etc.
  • (2) In the event that eligibility cannot be confirmed via public record, related documentation will be requested.
  • (3) If a transfer is not completed after application (due to an error in provided info, etc.), and if the city is not able to contact the applicant within the application period to confirm, the application will be considered withdrawn.
  • (4) If the applicant has received a Special Cash Payment from a different municipality, it must be returned. 

F. Beneficiaries

  1. Please confirm the accuracy of the following information. If you notice any errors, correct them in red ink.
  2. Name(s)
  3. Relation
    ※This example shows:
    ・世帯主 (head of household)
    ・妻 (wife)
    ・子 (child)
  4. Date of Birth
  5. If one or more people on this list do NOT wish to receive a Special Cash Payment, check the box next to each of their names. (To be very clear, don’t check any boxes if you want all the money your household is eligible to receive.)
  6. Total Amount 

G. Method to Receive Payment

  1. Check this A box if you have a bank account.
    What it says is “Transfer via financial institution (account owned by applicant/beneficiary or proxy).”

    If you don’t have a bank account, skip ahead to step J, check the B box, and continue on from there instead. 

H. If Using Financial Institution OTHER THAN Japan Post Bank

This is where you’ll fill in the information for the bank account you want to receive the payment in. If you use Japan Post Bank, skip ahead to the next section, titled “If Using Japan Post Bank.”
  1. Write the institution’s name (”Iwate” (岩手) is shown in the example)
  2. Check the box next to what type of institution it is. I’ve translated what each box says on the example, but many of them do not have separate English translations that define the small differences that exist between them in Japanese. If you’re unsure, check which specific Kanji is written on your bank book, etc.
  3. Check the box for whether it’s a “Main Office” or “Branch.” Again, some of these get translated into the same English words even though the Japanese is slightly different. Check your bank book to see which specific Kanji it uses. If it’s a “Main Office,” you don’t need to write anything in the space to the left, but if it’s a “Branch Office,” as shown in the example, write the name of the branch (“Hanamaki” (花巻) in this example, but this can also be found in your bank book).
  4. Check the box for whether it is a “Savings” or “Checking” account
  5. Fill in your account number (right-justified)
  6. Last name in Katakana
  7. First (and middle if applicable) name in Katakana
  8. Last name as it appears on your bank book
  9. First (and middle if applicable) name as it appears on your bank book
If you filled in this "If Using Financial Institution OTHER THAN Japan Post Bank" section, you are now done with Page 1, so move on to Page 2.

I. If Using Japan Post Bank

  1. Write your bank book code (記号), starting with 1 and ending with 0
    ※if there is a sixth digit, fill it in the last slot, after the zero
  2. Write your bank book number (番号)
  3. Last name in Katakana
  4. First (and middle if applicable) name in Katakana
  5. Last name as it appears on your bank book
  6. First (and middle if applicable) name as it appears on your bank book
If you filled in this "If Using Japan Post Bank" Account section, you are now done with Page 1, so move on to Page 2. 

J. For Those Who DO NOT Have a Bank Account

Check this B box if you DO NOT have a bank account.
This means two things:

  • You skipped ahead from step G as directed, and did not fill out anything in the last two steps as a result.
  • You will still continue on and fill in Page 2 of the application, but instead of submitting the finished application by mail, you’ll need to hand it in yourself. For how to hand it in yourself, see the section below titled How to Submit the Application.

Page 2

K. When Applying (Receiving Payment) via Proxy

Only fill out this section if you are not applying/receiving the Special Cash Payment on behalf of yourself, and are instead having someone else apply/receive as a representative on your behalf.

If you are NOT APPLYING VIA PROXY, skip this section and move on to step L.
  1. Proxy’s last name in Katakana
  2. Proxy’s first (and middle if applicable) name in Katakana
  3. Proxy’s last name
  4. Proxy’s first (and middle if applicable) name
  5. Relation to Applicant ("wife" (妻) is shown in this example)
  6. Proxy’s birth era (from left to right: Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei)
  7. Year of birth (of whichever era chosen in step 6)
  8. Month (in numerical format) of birth
  9. Day of birth
  10. Proxy’s Address
  11. Proxy’s daytime phone number
  12. The above-mentioned person is hereby recognized as a proxy, and is entrusted to: (circle one of these options) (If the proxy is a legal representative, it is not necessary to select an option):
    ・Receive payment
    ・Apply/claim & receive payment
  13. Head of household’s signature (can be used instead of stamp)
  14. Head of household’s stamp (can be used instead of signature)

L. [Attachment 1] Copy of item verifying the applicant (head of household on record)'s identity

Paste one of the following into this box:

  • Copy of driver's license
  • Copy of "My Number" card (the plastic version that you had to apply for, not the paper "notification card" that comes in the mail automatically)
  • Copy of health insurance card
  • Copy of pension book, etc.

※ If applying via proxy, also paste a copy of one of the above items verifying the proxy’s identity. 

M. [Attachment 2] Copy of item verifying the transfer destination bank account

Paste one of the following into this box:

  • Copy of bank book (portion that shows the account number)
  • Copy of ATM card, etc.

※ If you selected the “B” box back on page 1, specifying that you don’t have a bank account, you do not need to attach anything in this box.

How to Submit the Application

If you checked the A Box (and entered in bank account information)

  1. Once you're done filling out the two application pages, check them over to make sure you made no mistakes.
  2. Then, fold the two application pages back up and place them into the provided return envelope. Seal the envelope, and drop it off at the nearest post office box for delivery.

If you checked the B box (because you do not have a bank account) 

WARNING: If you do not have a bank account, you CANNOT submit this application by mail. Please follow the steps below to submit your application.
  1. Once you're done filling out the two application pages, check them over to make sure you made no mistakes.
  2. Take your completed application to Manabi Gakuen (aka the Continuing Education Center, located at 1-47 Kajomachi, Hanamaki).
  3. Once your application is processed at Manabi Gakuen, they will mail you a “Receipt Notice” (受取通知書).
  4. Once the Receipt Notice arrives, take it to the Accounting Section (会計課) of Hanamaki City Hall (9-30 Kajomachi, Hanamaki) to finish the process.


  • The above provided English is a translation of the original in Japanese, for information purposes only.
  • In the event of any discrepancy, the Japanese original will prevail.

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