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About Covid-19 Vaccination In Hanamaki

  • Everyone has been sent a Covid-19 Vaccination Notice (shown below), but NOT everyone is currently eligible to receive a vaccination yet.
  • Vaccinations are being made available based on priority.
  • DO NOT make or show up to a vaccination appointment without first reading the section titled [Priority Groups], and understanding which priority group you belong to, and when that group is being vaccinated.
Update Log

August 31, 2021

  • [Priority Groups]
    • Updated [Those WITHOUT Underlying Conditions] chart
      • Expanded available age ranges
      • Updated appointment and vaccination dates
  • [Mass Vaccination in Hanamaki]
    • Updated target group age range (50 and over, with or without underlying conditions)
    • Added new mass vaccination venues and corresponding dates / times

August 13, 2021

  • Added new section: [Mass Vaccination in Hanamaki]
  • [Priority Groups]
    • Updated [Those WITHOUT Underlying Conditions] chart
      • Expanded available age ranges
      • Added appointment and vaccination dates for new age ranges
  • [Medical Institutions Handling Individual Appointments]
    • Removed the following institutions
      • Hanamaki General Hospital (公益財団法人総合花巻病院)
      • Yumoto Clinic (湯本診療所)

August 2, 2021

  • [Priority Groups]
    • Organized all age ranges and vaccination dates into charts
    • Added recently announced age range (60 - 64)
    • Updated age ranges that cannot yet get vaccinated (59 and under, without underlying conditions)
  • [Making an Appointment]
    • Added info on who may be eligible to get vaccinated outside of their city of residence
  • [Medical Institutions Handling Individual Appointments]
    • Added recently announced institutions

Covid-19 Vaccination Notice Envelope

Starting the Process

Hanamaki has distributed envelopes titled 新型コロナウイルスワクチン接種のご案内 (Covid-19 Vaccination Notice), to all households throughout the city.

Covid-19 Vaccination Notice Envelope Contents

(1) Explanatory notice


Information provided in this notice has been translated and posted throughout this guide

(2) Covid-19 Pre-Vaccination Exam Forms


Directions for filling out this form is provided towards the bottom of this page

(1) Vaccination Voucher Sticker Sheet

※DO NOT peel off any stickers yourself. Medical personnel will handle the stickers when necessary.

An English labeled example of this sheet is provided towards the bottom of this page, but for reference, this sheet contains the following:

  • (2) vaccine voucher stickers
    (接種券, sometimes also referred to in Japanese as vaccine “coupons”)
  • (2) “was examined but could not be vaccinated” stickers
  • (1) Certificate of Vaccination for COVID-19 (on the right side of the sheet), which is where the physician will place proof of vaccination seal(s) after you have been vaccinated.

What you need to do after receiving this envelope if you want to be vaccinated:

  • Determine what priority group you belong to, and when that group is eligible for vaccination
    (see below section titled [Priority Groups])
  • If your priority group is eligible for vaccination now:
    • Read and understand the Instructions for the Covid-19 Vaccination (EN)
    • Make a vaccination appointment
      (see below section titled [Making an Appointment])
    • Fill out the Covid-19 Pre-Vaccination Exam Form
      (see below section titled [Guide to Filling Out the Covid-19 Pre-Vaccinaton Exam Form])
  • If your priority group is NOT eligible for vaccination now:
    • Wait for further information, and do not attempt to make an appointment yet
    • Keep the items enclosed in the Covid-19 Vaccination Notice envelope in a safe place for later use when your group becomes eligible

Priority Groups


  • There are two vaccination methods available in Hanamaki:
    • Individual Appointments
    • Mass Vaccination Events
  • This section covers priority groups for those who wish to make an individual appointment.
  • For those who wish to attend a mass vaccination event, please see the below section titled [Mass Vaccination in Hanamaki] to see if you are eligible and where/when the event will take place.
  • Whether you wish to attend an individual appointment, or to attend a mass vaccination, you must make an appointment. See the below section titled [Making an Appointment] to do so.

The Covid-19 Vaccinaton Notice shown above has been sent to everyone throughout Hanamaki, however not everyone is eligible for immediate vaccination. Check the charts below to see which Priority Group you belong to, as well as the group's vaccination status. To know if you have one or more of the listed underlying conditions, see the [List of Underlying Conditions] section.

Those WITH Underlying Conditions

Priority Groups (Age)

Can Make Appointments As Of

Vaccinations Begin As Of

12 and over

Jul 2 Jul 5

Those WITHOUT Underlying Conditions 

Priority Groups (Age)

Can Make Appointments As Of

Vaccinations Begin As of

60 - 64 Jul 30 Aug 2

55 - 59

Aug 20 (Late Aug)
50 - 54 Aug 27 (Mid Sept)
45 - 49 Sept 3 (Mid Sept)
35 - 44 (Early Sept) (Early Oct)
20 - 34 (Mid Sept) (Early Oct)
16 - 19 (Early Sept) (Early Oct)
12 - 15 Sept 3 (Mid Sept)

About Children

  • Children must be aged 12 or older to receive this vaccine, and meet the criteria for one of the above listed Priority Groups.
  • If a child's birthday in which they will turn 12 years old takes place this year, the child cannot be vaccinated until after that date.

Mass Vaccination in Hanamaki



There are two types of mass vaccination events:

  • Those held by the prefecture of Iwate
  • Those held by the city of Hanamaki

The information in this section pertains ONLY to mass vaccination events held by Hanamaki.

Individual appointments for each of the groups listed under [Priority Groups] are the primary method to getting vaccinated, but mass vaccinations are sometimes also available on specific pre-planned dates, in which specific venues are selected to vaccinate members of the public. As such, mass vaccination events are limited, and may not be available at the time that you are reading this page.

Note that you also need to make an appointment to attend a mass vaccination, and can do so by following the [Making an Appointment] section below. Do not show up to a mass vaccination event without making an appointment beforehand.

Mass Vaccination Target Groups

  • Aged 50 or over (with or without underlying conditions)
  • Aged 12 or over (with underlying conditions)

Mass Vaccination Venues & Times

Can Make Appointments

As Of


Vaccination Date

(1st Dose)

Vaccination Date

(2nd Dose)



Aug 6

Towa Community Center


Aug 28 Sept 18

2: 00pm -

4: 00pm

Aug 6

Ishidoriya Continuing

Education Center


Aug 29 Sept 19

2: 00pm -

4: 00pm

Aug 6

Ohasama General Branch Office


Sept 4 Sept 25

2: 00pm -

4: 00pm

Aug 20

General Gymnasium


Sept 18 Oct 9

2: 00pm -

5: 00pm
6: 00pm -

8: 00pm


Aug 20

General Gymnasium


Sept 19 Oct 10

10: 00am -

1: 00pm


Sept 10

Towa Community Center


Oct 2 Oct 23

2: 00pm -

4: 30pm


Sept 10

Ishidoriya Continuing

Education Center


Oct 3 Oct 24

10: 00am -

1: 00pm

Sept 10

Ohasama General Branch Office


Oct 9 Oct 30

2: 00pm -

4: 00pm


Making an Appointment

If your Priority Group is currently being vaccinated, or you are eligible to attend a mass vaccination event, you can make an appointment for either by following one of the below methods.

Appointment Reservation Methods
  1. Hanamaki Covid-19 Vaccination Call Center (8: 30am - 5: 15pm, JP language only):
    0120-383-225 (toll-free)
  2. Online (JP language only):
    https://g032051.vc.liny.jp (or scan the Website QR Code below)
  3. LINE App (JP language only):
    Scan the LINE QR Code below


  • Individual vaccination appointments are carried out at one of the medical institutions outlined in the below section titled [Medical Institutions Handling Individual Appointments]
  • Mass vaccination appointments are carried out at the venues and times listed in the above section titled [Mass Vaccination in Hanamaki]

Appointment QR Codes

Note: Two appointments will be reserved

  • Upon reservation of your first appointment, your second appointment will also be automatically reserved.
  • The second appointment will generally be reserved at the same institution, and for the same day of the week, to be held 3 weeks from the first appointment, though this may vary depending on the institution and whether the date falls on a holiday, etc. Dates can be confirmed with the Appointment Call Center.
  • If you wish to change the date of, or cancel your second appointment:
    ※Note that Mass Vaccination dates cannot be changed
    • Day prior to appointment: call the Hanamaki Covid-19 Vaccination Call Center as soon as possible
    • Day of the appointment: call the city Covid-19 Vaccination Office (0198-41-3605, JP language only), as well as the medical institution the reservation was made for

 Note: If you need to make an appointment to get vaccinated outside of Hanamaki

  • Vaccinations must be administered within the person's city of residence, however those who meet certain criteria that may be considered "unavoidable circumstances" may be able to receive their vaccination at a location other than their city of residence. Examples of unavoidable circumstances include the following:
    • Individual who is pregnant and is returning to their hometown (outside city of residence) to give birth
    • Individual who is stationed (through their work) far from their city of residence
    • Student living far from their city of residence for the purpose of attending school
    • Individual with underlying condition(s) that wishes to be vaccinated by a family physician outside of the city of residence
  • For those who meet such criteria, please contact the municipality in which the medical institution administering the vaccination is located to make the necessary arrangements.
What You Need to Bring to Your Appointment
  1. Vaccination Voucher Sticker Sheet (DO NOT peel any stickers off yourself)
  2. Covid-19 Pre-Vaccination Exam Form
    (Two forms were provided in the envelope, but you need to fill in ONE of them, and bring it to your appointment. The second sheet should be completed in the future, and used for your second appointment.)
  3. Health insurance card
    (If you cannot provide a health insurance card, you must instead provide a form of identity verification (driver's license, Individual Number card, etc.) that matches the name, address, and date of birth at the bottom right of the Vaccination Voucher Sticker Sheet.)
  4. Medication Handbook
    (This is the little booklet that pharmacists, etc., paste medication information into, after you fill a prescription from a doctor for example)


Medical Institutions Handling Individual Appointments

You cannot call these institutions, or show up directly to one of them, to make an appointment. Appointments must be made through one of the available methods listed in the above section titled [Making an Appointment].

Medical institutions handling individual vaccination appointments are as follows:

Japanese English


Ihatov Hospital


Sasaki Clinic


Hajime Children's Clinic


Ishidoriya Medical Center


Sato Gastroenterology & Internal Medicine Clinic


Ishidoriya Stationfront Clinic


Sato Internal Medicine Clinic


Hanamaki Central Ophthalmology


Ohasama Regional Medical Center

循環器科・内科 大平医院

Ohira Cardiology & Internal Medicine Clinic


Fujimaki Gastroenterology & Internal Medicine Clinic


Ohara Clinic


Sugasawa Surgery & Internal Medicine Clinic


Makita Internal Medicine Clinic


Obara Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology Clinic


Suda Internal Medicine Clinic


Miura Clinic


Orikasa Internal Medicine Clinic


Takakioka Clinic


Yuki Clinic


Kikuchi Internal Medicine Clinic


Terui Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology Clinic


Yukawa Neurosurgery


Kumagai Internal Medicine & Gastroentereology Clinic


Tomitsuka Neurosurgery Clinic


Megumi Life Clinic


Nakadate Internal Medicine Clinic


Saito Orthopedic Clinic


Nishi Odori ENT Clinic

東和病院 Towa Hospital
宝陽病院 Hoyo Hospital
国立病院機構花巻病院 Hanamaki Hospital, National Hospital Organization
川嶋医院 Kawashima Clinic (Starting Aug 3)
小瀬川皮膚科医院 Kosegawa Dermatology Clinic (Starting Aug 3)
たきの内科循環器科クリニック Takino Internal Medicine & Cardiology Clinic (Starting Aug 4)

※ Additional medical institutions will be added to this list as they become available

List of Underlying Conditions

To know if you belong to any priority group that includes individuals with "underlying conditions," please check to see if you meet the criteria for any of the following.

  1. Those with one or more of the following conditions, who are hospitalized or undergoing outpatient care:
    1. Chronic respiratory illness
    2. Chronic heart disease (including hypertension)
    3. Chronic kidney disease
    4. Chronic liver disease (cirrhosis, etc.)
    5. Diabetes currently being treated via insulin / medication, or diabetes complicated by other illness
    6. Blood disease (excluding iron deficiency anemia)
    7. Conditions causing reduced immune function (including malignant tumors under treatment)
    8. Currently undergoing treatment that reduces immune function, such as steroids, etc.
    9. Neurological / neuromuscular condition associated with immune abnormality
    10. Condition in which physical function is impaired due to neurological / neuromuscular condition (respiratory disorders, etc.)
    11. Chromosomal abnormality
    12. Those with both severe physical and mental disability (both, not one or the other)
    13. Sleep apnea
    14. Serious mental illness (if considered "severe and continuous," those hospitalized for treatment of mental illness, those holding a Mental Illness Health and Welfare Certificate, or those undergoing mental outpatient medical care), or those with intellectual disability (and holding a Rehabilitation Certificate)
  2.   Those who meet the criteria for obesity (BMI 30 or higher)
    ※BMI 30 or Higher Reference: height of 170cm with a weight of ~87kg or higher, height of 160cm with a weight of ~77kg or higher

Vaccine Manufacturer and Administration

The Covid-19 vaccine provided by Hanamaki is manufactured by Pfizer. This vaccine is intended for people 12 years of age and older, and is administered 2 times (usually 3 weeks apart) via intramuscular injection. The vaccine is covered by public funding, and is available free of charge to those who wish to receive it. For more information on the Pfizer vaccine, see the Instructions for the Covid-19 Vaccination (EN) (provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare).

What is Written on the Vaccinaton Voucher Sticker Sheet

Vaccination Voucher Sticker Sheet

Guide to Filling Out the Covid-19 Pre-Vaccination Exam Form

Covid-19 Pre-Vaccination Exam Form Reference Sheet


  • Download the above PDF reference sheet, or open it in a separate tab
  • Starting with “A” in the top left corner of the page, follow along with the directions posted below.
  • Note that these directions were written using the forms distributed by Hanamaki, though other municipalities may be similar.
  • Although there are translated copies (that are fully written only in English and other languages) of the Covid-19 Pre-Vaccination Exam Form (新型コロナワクチン接種の予診票) provided by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as well as various other groups online, they are for REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY.
  • English language forms are not accepted by vaccinating physicians. You MUST complete the official Japanese language version of the Covid-19 Pre-Vaccination Exam Form that was provided to you by mail.

A. Address Listed on Residence Card

  1. Prefecture name
    ※The example shows: 岩手 (Iwate)
  2. Circle the appropriate ending character for your prefecture's name
    ・都 (to)
    ・道 (dou)
    ・府 (fu)
    ・県 (ken)
    ※The example shows 県 circled, because Iwate Prefecture would be 岩手県 (Iwate-ken)
  3. City, district, town, or village name
    ※The example shows: 花巻 (Hanamaki)
  4. Circle the appropriate ending character for your city, district, town, or village name
    ・市 (shi)
    ・区 (ku)
    ・町 (machi / cho)
    ・村 (mura)
    ※The example shows 市 circled, because Hanamaki City would be 花巻市 (Hanamaki-shi)
  5. Current address
    ・If you’re unsure of the written Japanese, use your residence card or other Japanese identification as reference. It should also be printed on a paper that came inside your envelope of course.
    ・Be careful not to include the prefecture and city, as you just did that in the above steps (so basically you just want whatever is remaining after the city if you're looking at your residence card, for example).

B. Name

  1. Last name in Katakana
  2. First (and middle if applicable) name in Katakana
  3. Last name as it appears on your Residence Card
  4. First (and middle if applicable) name as it appears on your Residence Card

C. Phone Number

Write your phone number in the space provided

D. Date of Birth & Age

  1. Year
  2. Month
  3. Day
  4. Current age

E. Gender

Check the box next to the appropriate gender
・男 (male)
・女 (female)

F. Temperature Before Examination

  1. Number before decimal
  2. Number after decimal

G. Exam Questions

  • In this section, you need to check a box for each question (either はい for yes, or いいえ for no, located in the column to the right of the questions column).
  • Some questions may also require you to write additional information or check additional boxes within the question box itself. In those cases, make sure to provide all necessary informaton / check applicable boxes in the question box, and then also check a yes or no box in the column to the right.
  1. Is this your first time receiving a Covid-19 vaccination?
    If this is NOT your first vaccination, write the date(s) of the 1st and 2nd vaccination (in mm/dd format, see reference sheet for where to write each part).
  2. Is the city/town/village you currently reside the same as the city/town/village written on your vaccination voucher?
  3. Have you read the Instructions for the Covid-19 Vaccination (EN), and understand the efficacy and side effects of the vaccine?
  4. Do you fall into one of the below-listed target groups that have a higher vaccination priority?
    ・医療従事者等 (medical personnel, etc.)
    ・65歳以上 (65 years or older)
    ・60~64歳 (60 - 64 years old)
    ・高齢者施設等の従事者 (nursing home personnel, etc.)
    ・基礎疾患を有する(病名: )(have an underlying condition (condition name: ))
       → Write the name of the underlying condition in parentheses if applicable
  5. Do you currently have any of the following conditions, and are undergoing treatment (taking medication, etc.) for them?
    病名 (Conditions):
    ・心臓病 (heart disease)
    ・腎臓病 (kidney disease)
    ・肝臓病 (liver disease)
    ・血液疾患 (blood disorder)
    ・血が止まりにくい病気 (condition w/ difficulty stopping bleeding)
    ・免疫不全 (immunodeficiency)
    ・その他 (other: )
       → Write name of other condition in the parentheses if applicable

    治療内容 (Treatment):
    ・血をサラサラにする薬 (anticoagulant / antiplatelet / blood thinner: )
       → Write name of medication in the parentheses if applicable
    ・その他 (other: )
       → Write name of other treatment in the parentheses if applicable
  6. Within the last 1 month, have you had a fever or felt sick?
    → If you did feel sick, write the name of the condition in the parentheses
  7. Are any parts of your body unwell today?
    → If so, write the symptom(s) in the parentheses
  8. Have you ever had a convulsion or seizure?
  9. Have you ever had a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis, etc.) to a medication or food?
    → If so, write the medication or food that caused the reaction in the parentheses
  10. Have you ever felt sick after receiving a vaccination?
    → If so, write the type of vaccination in the first parentheses, and the symptoms you experienced in the second parentheses
  11. Is there any possibility that you are currently pregnant (period has come late, etc.)? Are you currently breastfeeding?
    → Check yes if either answer is yes
  12. Within the last 2 weeks, have you received any kind of vaccine?
    → If so, write the type of vaccination in the first parentheses, and the date you received it in the second parentheses
  13. Do you have any questions regarding today's vaccine?
Section marked "For physician use only"

The next section, after step G, is for physician use only.

You can skip this part and move on to step H, but here is what it says for those who want to know:

  • As a result of the above medical interview and examination, today's vaccination has been determined to be (▢Possible  ▢Not Possible).
  • I (the physician) have explained the efficacy and side effects of the vaccine, as well as about the Relief System for Injuries to Health due to Vaccination, to the patient.

※To the right of this, there is also a box where the physician provides their signature or seal.

H. Covid-19 Vaccination Request Statement

  1. After consulting with and being examined by a physician, as well as understanding the efficacy and side effects of this vaccine, do you wish to be vaccinated?
    → Check one of the following boxes:
    ・接種を希望します (YES, I wish to be vaccinated)
    ・接種を希望しません (NO, I do not wish to be vaccinated)
  2. This Covid-19 Pre-Vaccination Exam Form is intended to ensure safety during the vaccination process. I understand this and hereby consent to this Covid-19 Pre-Vaccination Exam Form being submitted to the municipal government, the All-Japan Federation of National Health Insurance Organizations, and the National Health Insurance Organization.
    → Write the date (yyyy to the left of 年, mm to the left of 月, dd to the left of 日)
    → Write your signature on the provided line

    (※If the person to be vaccinated is unable to provide their own signature, a proxy may provide their own (the proxy's) signature and relationship to the person to be vaccinated.)
    (※If the person to be vaccinated is under 16 years of age, their guardian must provide a signature instead. For adult wards, the person to be vaccinated, or their guardian, may provide a signature.)
Section marked "For physician use only"

The next section, after step H, is for physician use only.

You can skip this part, meaning you are now finished filling out this form, but here is what it says for those who want to know:

  • Vaccine name (ワクチン名) & lot number (ロット番号)
  • Vaccination amount in ml (接種量)
  • Vaccination location (実施場所) & physician's name (医師名)
  • Medical institution code (医療機関等コード)
  • Vaccination date (接種年月日)

For Inquiries Regarding Covid-19 Vaccination

Hanamaki Covid-19 Vaccination Call Center

For vaccination reservations, as well as inquiries regarding city readiness and planning, etc.

Available Languages & Hours

[Japanese langauge only]

8: 30am - 5: 15pm, every day


[Tel] 0120-383-225

[Fax] 0198-41-3606

[Email] corona@city.hanamaki.iwate.jp

Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare Covid-19 Call Center

For general vaccination inquiries.

Available Langauges & Hours

[Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish]

9: 00am - 9: 00pm, every day


9: 00am - 6: 00pm, every day


10: 00am - 7: 00pm, every day

[Tel] 0120-761-770


  • The above provided English language information includes translations of Japanese texts, for information purposes only.
  • In the event of any discrepancy, the original Japanese text will prevail.

For Other Information and Updates in English

To see more Hanamaki-related information in English, as well as other announcements, local photos, event information and more, follow the Hanamaki Office of International Relations Facebook page at:


PDFファイルをご覧いただくには、「Adobe(R) Reader(R)」が必要です。お持ちでない方はアドビシステムズ社のサイト(新しいウィンドウ)からダウンロード(無料)してください。




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電話:0198-41-3589 ファクス:0198-24-0259 (代表)