(EN) Covid-19 Vaccination in Hanamaki


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About Covid-19 Vaccination In Hanamaki

  • Those who have been infected with Covid-19 are still able to be vaccinated, as long as their treatment period has concluded, their condition is stable, and they wish to be vaccinated.
  • Vaccination may be refused based on the administering physician's judgement of the patient's physical condition on the day of vaccination.
  • Please DO NOT visit a vaccination venue if you are currently under quarantine, have had close contact with an infected person, are a child / student whose class(es) have been closed, are at risk of infection, under restrictions on going out, etc.


Vaccination procedures are separated by age groups, as follows:

  • 12+ years old
  • 5 – 11 years old
  • 6 months – 4 years old

There are two methods of getting vaccinated:

  1. Making an individual vaccination appointment at a specified medical institution
  2. Attending a mass vaccination event

For information on how to get vaccinated, please see the links below for your age range

12+ Years Old

5-11 Years Old

6 Months - 4 Years Old


  • The above provided English language information includes translations of Japanese texts, for information purposes only.
  • In the event of any discrepancy, the original Japanese text will prevail.

For Other Information and Updates in English

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