Guide to Hands-on Activities


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It’s wonderfulto make things, and picking fruits brings great joy.

Strawberry Farm

photograph:Strawberry Farm

In this warm greenhouse, you can eat fresh Tochiotome strawberries that you have picked yourself.



This vineyard grows grapes such as Delaware, Campbell and Kyoho. Pick what you like and eat them there or take them away.

Dye with plant-based pigments / Handcraft experience

photograph:Dye with plant-based pigments

Farmers instruct how to dye thread and silk using plant-based pigments and how to craft dried flowers and wreaths using natural materials at Kachan House Dasuko farmers’ market.

Nanaori Farm

photograph:Nanaori Farm

Enjoy picking apples, prunes and oleaster (elaeaghus)at this large orchard. You can hold a meeting or relax in the “Nanaori Hall”, which is a relocated traditional farmer’s house.

Otameshi Kobo

photograph:Otameshi Kobo

Lots of facilities for producing juice, jam, bread, ice cream and pickled vegetables are available at this center in Towa Roadside Station. Bring your own materials or ask the center to prepare them for you.

Saki Ori Folklore Center

photograph:Saki Ori

“Saki (to rip) Ori (to weave) ” is a traditional weaving of this area that reuses old cloth. Using fine strips of old cloth as weft (cross-thread) and cotton thread as warp (length-wise thread), new cloth is produced. Try making coasters, business card holders, wallets and bags using the Saki Ori technique.

Narushima Japanese Paper Handcraft Center

photograph:Narushima Japanese Paper

Try making Narushima washi (Japanese paper), which has been made from mulberry and deutzia for more than three centuries.

Mori no Kuni Glass Experience Center

photograph:Mori no Kuni Glass Experience Center

Shop for or try making products such as hand-blown glass, stained glass and colorful marbles.




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