Hot springs(Onsen)


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Soak up history, admire thebreathtaking views

Hanamaki is a hot spring paradise

Surrounded by old-world flavor and passion

There are 12 attractive Onsen (Hot Springs) along gorges in the Ou mountain range in Hanamaki. They vary in size from one of the largest and most comfortable hotels in Tohoku to an old small inn with a rustic atmosphere used historically as a health retreat. Each of them has their own distinctive mood. Some have unique baths, such as an outdoor bath by a river or a deep bath that people have to stand in. In addition, seasonal changes in the scenery around the hot spring area in Iwate Prefectural Nature Park are something you shouldn’t miss. We recommend you come and bathe in a hot spring with your family, friends or by yourself. The hot springs in Hanamaki always welcome you with open arms.

Dai Onsen

photograph:Dai Hot Springs

In the Dai Onsen area, traditional inns line the main street, maintaining the atmosphere of when they were first built, offering a window to the past. Dai Onsen Information Center Ph.0198-27-2150

Hanamaki Onsen

photograph:Hanamaki Hot Springs

Hanamaki Onsen consists of five unique hotels and inns. A large rose garden, monuments and other attractions on the grounds offer a nice stroll. Hanamaki Onsen Reservation Center Ph.0198-37-2111

Kanaya Onsen

photograph:Kanaya Hot Springs

Located in Hanamaki Recreational Park, Kanaya provides easy access to tennis courts, a golf course and other facilities. National Pension Recreation Center Hanamaki Ph.0198-27-2811

Matsukura Onsen


At Matsukura, the closest hot spring in the Hanamaki South Onsen area from downtown Hanamaki, 3,000 flowering cherry trees welcome you. Hotel Kazenotoki Ph.0198-38-1125

Watari Onsen

photograph:Watari Hot Springs

The outdoor baths, the cypress bath and the air bubble bath draw many visitors. Hanagokoro no Yado Watari Ph.0198-25-2801

Shidotaira Onsen

photograph:Shidotaira Hot Springs

Shidotaira is a historic hot spring located on the Toyosawa River with modern facilities. Shidotaira Onsen Reservation Center Ph.0198-25-2221

Osawa Onsen

photograph:Osawa Hot Springs

This atmospheric traditional hot springs inn complex is nationally famous for its outdoor bath beside the Toyosawa River. The facility is split into two sections. The Sansuikaku is the newest, and perhaps most luxurious building. The Jisuibu is features rustic Showa charm. Originally intended for people on health retreat staying for extended periods, there are facilities available for guests to cook their own meals. Sansuikaku Ph.0198-25-2021 Jisuibu Ph.0198-25-2315

Yama no Kami Onsen

photograph:Yama no Kami Hot Springs

Yama no Kami literally means God of the mountain. Bathing in the silky water of this beautiful hot spring makes one feel blessed by the mountain god indeed. The recently remodeled (2012) Kogeikan features a beautiful flower garden for relaxing strolls and a pair of beautiful outdoor baths overlooking the Toyosawa River. While the hotel is a new structure, it was built in traditional Japanese style that never fails toimpress visitors with its elegance and timeless charm. Yuukaen Ph.0198-38-5526

Shin Namari Onsen

photograph:Shin Namari Hot Springs

Surrounded by beautiful forested mountains, guests can enjoy walks along footpaths behind the modern hotel complex. Guests can drink the water of this hot spring and gain numerous health benefits. Airinkan Ph.0198-25-2341

Namari Onsen

photograph:Namari Hot Springs

This historic inn offers abundant traditional charm and boasts the deepest bath in the region, in which bathers stand instead of sit. FujisanRyokan Ph.0198-25-2311

Hanamaki Kita Onsen

photograph:Himawari Hot Springs, “Ginga no Yu”

The spring water of Ginga no Yu is amber and has a slight wooden smell. The alkaline quality of the water makes your skin feel very smooth.Hanamaki Kita Onsen Ph.0198-45-6789

Towa Onsen

photograph:Towa HotSprings

Towa was the first hot spring complex to be developed in the Kitakami mountain range. Enjoy their six different baths, have a massage after bathing and admire the large western-style garden. Towa Onsen Ph.0198-42-4311




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