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Rice, Millet and Wanko Soba

Organic Rice

photograph:Organic Rice

Many Hanamaki farmers grow rice using organic compost and reduced levels of agrichemicals. Their rice, “Hitomebore”, is rated as one of the best in Japan. The rice is tasty served hot or cold.



In this health-conscious society, many people are interested in the nutritional value of millet and other grains. Hanamaki leads Japan in millet production. Try eating millet mixed in rice, or try a local sweet made with local millet and grains.

Wanko Soba

photograph:Wanko Soba

This unique of serving buckwheat noodles originates from a 400-year-old story about Toshinao, lord of the Nambu clan. When he visited Hanamaki Castle, he asked for his bowl to be refilled with soba many times. Ten bowls of Wanko Soba is the same amount as one ordinary serving. You can take your time and eat it slowly with side dishes or challenge yourself to see how many bowls you can eat.
The All Japan Wanko Soba Contest is held on February 11th in Hanamaki.




Surrounded by the Ou and Kitakami mountain ranges, Hanamaki’s climate and soil make it one of the best places to grow apples in Iwate, a major apple-producing prefecture. Various types of apples are grown, including Jonagold, Orin, Kio and Fuji.

La France

photograph:La France

La France, a type of pear, is often described as the queen of fruits. Despite its plain appearance, its texture, aroma and sweetness make it a favorite autumn fruit.



Enjoy varieties such as Delaware, Campbell, Beniizu and Kyoho in the home of Edel Wein.


Japanese beef

photograph:Japanese beef

Raised in Hanamaki with its cool climate and clear water, chefs rate this beef as first The fine, marbled beef is well-suited for steak and shabushabu (sliced beef slightly boiled with vegetables).

Branded Pork

photograph:Branded Pork

This premium-brand pork, raised under strict quality standards, is highly praised for its quality and flavor throughout Japan.


Gentians and Orchids

Gentian, the representative flower of Iwate, is very popular in Japan, especially hybrids bred from Iwate’s local varieties. Odontoglossum, a kind of orchid not well known in Japan, is also grown in Iwate.



Dairy Products



This yogurt is made from the milk of Holstein and Brown Swiss cows and has a rich, balanced flavor.



Enjoy handmade cheeses such as ricotta, mozzarella and smoked varieties.

Special Products

Pickled Vegetables

photograph:Pickled Vegetables

Hanamaki has its own distinctive kinds of pickled vegetables. Light salted pickles are popular among the health-conscious. A pickle-making program is available.

Miso / Shoyu

photograph:Miso / Shoyu

Hanamaki’s popular handmade miso and syoyu are made from local soy beans and malt. Some people believe that miso and shoyu fermented to the accompaniment of music is tastier. Come and find out.

Japanese Sweets

photograph:Japanese Sweets

Hanamaki offers a wide variety of sweets: traditional sweets with more than 70 years of history, western-influenced confectionary and farmers’ handmade sweets.




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